- August 2, 2023 - 

Coincidence or Corruption?

There is a distinct pattern emerging. Every time that Biden wrongdoing is uncovered, President Trump is targeted by Democrat lawfare.


April 4, 2023: A transcribed interview of former assistant to Joe Biden, Kathy Chung, is released showing that the White House’s version of events covering Biden’s mishandling of classified documents—involving the timeline of the discovery of the documents and where they were located—was false.


April 4, 2023: Alvin Bragg indicts Donald Trump.


June 8, 2023: House Republicans reveal that an FBI form FD-1023 shows that the CEO of Burisma was pressured by both Joe and Hunter Biden into paying the family for their protection from a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the corrupt gas company. The CEO stated it cost $5 million for Joe, and $5 million for Hunter.


June 8, 2023: Jack Smith indicts Trump for the first time. 


July 26, 2023: Hunter Biden’s unprecedented “sweetheart deal” falls apart.


July 27, 2023: Jack Smith files a superseding indictment tied to his June 8 indictment.


July 31, 2023: Hunter Biden’s former best friend and business partner testifies that Joe Biden was on at least 20 phone calls with Hunter Biden’s business partners. 


August 1, 2023: Jack Smith files another indictment against Donald Trump.

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