- January 27, 2023 - 

Trump Releases Plan To Save American Education

President Trump released his plan Thursday to save American education and give control of schools back to parents. 


Trump warned that we have a "major problem" if we have "pink-haired communists teaching our kids."


You can watch his announcement here.


The policies outlined by President Trump include:


  • Cutting federal funding for any school pushing critical race theory, gender ideology, or any other inappropriate content
  • Initiating a Department of Education civil rights investigation into race based discrimination at schools
  • Aggressively pursuing potential violations of freedom of religion
  • Finding and removing "the radical zealots and marxists in the Department of Education"
  • Implement preferential funding to states and school districts that make the following changes:
    • Abolish teacher tenure for grades K-12, and instead adopt merit pay
    • Drastically cut the bloated number of school administrators
    • Adopt a parental bill of rights that includes complete curriculum transparency and school choice
    • The direct election of principals by parents

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