- June 8, 2023 - 

Republicans Rally Around President Trump

Republicans are standing with President Donald Trump against the Biden Justice Department's abuse of power and attempted election interference. 


Speaker Kevin McCarthy: “Today is indeed a dark day for the United States of America. It is unconscionable for a President to indict the leading candidate opposing him. Joe Biden kept classified documents for decades. I, and every American who believes in the rule of law, stand with President Trump against this grave injustice. House Republicans will hold this brazen weaponization of power accountable.”


House Majority Leader Steve Scalise: “Let’s be clear about what’s happening: Joe Biden is weaponizing his Department of Justice against his own political rival. This sham indictment is the continuation of the endless political persecution of Donald Trump.”


House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik: “The exact same day that the FBI is forced to turn over to Congress absolutely damning and credible allegations regarding Joe Biden’s illegal, egregious, and treasonous corruption, Joe Biden weaponizes his Department of Justice to indict Donald Trump. The American people are smart and understand this is the epitome of the illegal and unprecedented weaponization of the federal government against Joe Biden’s leading opponent, President Donald J. Trump. The radical Far Left will stop at nothing to interfere with the 2024 election in order to prop up the catastrophic presidency and desperate campaign of Joe Biden. I am committed to ending the corrupt political weaponization of our federal government, cutting out the rot in these agencies, and holding government officials accountable for their endless illegal witch hunts against President Trump. In 2024, we will vote like this country has never seen before and we will elect President Trump back to the White House to Save America.”


Gov. Jim Justice: "The Biden Administration and the Democrats know they can’t beat President Trump and me unless they weaponize the federal government. Democrats will stop at nothing to defeat us and keep the presidency and their Senate majority. I will always stand with President Donald Trump!"


Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "The Biden Administration is weaponizing the DOJ to go after their number one opponent. It’s a two-tiered system of justice aimed directly at Donald Trump and conservatives. The American people should choose our next President, not politicized prosecutors hand-picked by Joe Biden."



Gov. Ron DeSantis: "The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society. We have for years witnessed an uneven application of the law depending upon political affiliation. Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?"



Sen. Tim Scott: "The one thing that makes America the city on the hill is confidence in our justice system and today what we see is a justice system where the scales are weighted."



Sen. Tommy Tuberville: “The same DOJ that labeled parents questioning school boards as 'domestic terrorists' are now doing everything in their power to stop @realDonaldTrump from retaking the White House. The Biden Administration is the most corrupt in American history.”


Sen. Josh Hawley: “Joe Biden has used his Justice Department to go after parents as ‘domestic terrorists,’ to spy on Catholic parishes, to terrorize & harass prolife Christians - and tonight to indict his top political opponent, Trump. He has trampled the rule of law to benefit himself. He has led the country into profound danger”


Sen. Chuck Grassley: “DOJ indicts former President / candidate Trump SAME DAY DOJ/FBI restricts access to unnecessarily redacted Biden allegations And they wonder why ppl think there r two standards for justice”


Sen. Marsha Blackburn: “From the time President Trump first announced his candidacy, the FBI has displayed an unprecedented vendetta against him. A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for an Attorney General to approve an FBI raid on the home of a former president. All the while, the Left is employing a playbook of ‘distract and deflect’ that feels eerily familiar. After Hillary Clinton got caught deleting thousands of classified emails from her private server as Secretary of State, the FBI and Democratic politicians fabricated a plan to accuse President Trump of Russian collusion. Now that President Biden is reportedly involved in a $5 million bribery scheme with a foreign nation, what does the DOJ do? Attempt to interfere with a congressional investigation into Biden and go after Trump instead. This is the pinnacle of two tiers of justice at work.”


Sen. J.D. Vance: “The former president will be indicted for “mishandling” his own government’s classified info. Yet everyone agrees the president has the authority to declassify anything. This is a moral and constitutional joke. Merrick Garland has disgraced this country. Biden is attacking his most likely 2024 opponent. He’s using the justice system to preemptively steal the 2024 election. This is what’s happening, plain and simple.”


Sen. Marco Rubio: “There is no limit to what these people will do to protect their power & destroy those who threaten it, even if it means ripping our country apart & shredding public faith in the institutions that hold our republic together”


Sen. Bill Hagerty: “This is our two-tiered Justice system on full display. The Biden DOJ buries investigations of President Biden and his family while it charges his political rivals. Making America look like a banana republic is incredibly irresponsible.”


Sen. Eric Schmitt: “Joe Biden has now indicted his top political opponent. Full on Banana Republic stuff.”


Sen. Roger Marshall: “Every American should be alarmed by tonight’s indictment. Sadly, once again, Lady Justice has taken off her blindfold. The continued persecution of the President’s likely 2024 political opponent has revealed the alarming level of coordination and corruption within our Justice Department. President Trump warned us about the unprecedented abuse of power within the FBI/DOJ—it seems they will do anything to stop him once and for all.”


Rep. Matt Gaetz: “The phony Boxes Hoax indictment is an attempt to distract the American public from the millions of dollars in bribes that the Biden Crime Family received from foreign nationals. This scheme won't succeed. President Donald Trump will be back in the White House and Joe Biden will be Hunter’s cellmate.”


Rep. Mary Miller: “The Biden DOJ is interfering in the 2024 election by bringing bogus charges against Biden's chief political opponent, President Trump. The Biden Family took cash and diamonds from China, Russia, and Ukraine with "10% for the Big Guy" but the DOJ is silent! TWO SYSTEMS OF JUSTICE!”


Rep. Jim Jordan: “Sad day for America. God Bless President Trump.”


Rep. Byron Donalds: “On the day members of Congress learn from an FBI document linking then VP Joe Biden to receiving $5 MILLION from Burisma in a pay-for-play scheme, Biden’s DOJ announces another phony indictment of the leading candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination, Biden’s likely opponent, and the former POTUS. This mob-like justice system is turning Lady Justice on its head and is the most significant threat to our democracy. Stand with President Trump.”


Rep. Lance Gooden: “The weaponization of our government continues against a former president and current candidate for the presidency.  What a sad and embarrassing day for America.”


Rep. Andy Biggs: “President Trump is indicted on the day we unveiled significant findings related to Joe Biden’s corruption. Makes you wonder.”


Rep. Max Miller: “It’s a sad day for America when a former President who did so much for America can be treated like a criminal. This will not stand. #WitchHunt”


Rep. Claudia Tenney: “Never in American history has the Attorney General indicted a former President and current candidate for President. This political decision comes just as House Republicans are revealing a $5 million bribery scheme between Biden and a foreign government. It is a dark day for the rule of law in America.”


Rep. Russell Fry: “Biden’s weaponized federal government has brought yet another dark day in our country. This is a shame and a complete sham. I stand with President Trump.”


Rep. Wesley Hunt: “Donald J. Trump represents an existential threat to the status quo, a system that has failed America, and to the most unpopular, unqualified, and unfit President to hold this office in a century. That’s why this election interference persists. We the people will not be deterred, we the people will not be fooled, and we the people will continue to stand firm in support of a man who has sacrificed everything to restore our nation to the glory she deserves. Tuesday will be yet another soiled chapter in the great American decline, but it's always darkest before the dawn, and the dawn is coming. That’s what they’re most afraid of. America, President Trump will be the Republican Nominee.”


Rep. Jim Banks: “They know Donald Trump is going to win and they’re terrified.”


Rep. Greg Stuebe: “They’ll stop at nothing to take down the #1 contender in the 2024 field! This is election interference!”


Rep. Tom Tiffany: “From parents at school board meetings to churchgoers to now President Trump, the politically motivated attacks against conservatives from President Biden’s DOJ should concern every single American regardless of political affiliation. This is NOT the way the American justice system should work.”


Rep. Carol Miller: “I never dreamed that the United States could resemble a banana republic like it is tonight. President Biden is yet again abusing his power to indict the leader of the opposition party in a clear political move to distract from his own crimes. The American people know that this investigation is a farce and that President Trump is being politically targeted.”


Rep. Mike Bost: “Tonight is the next step in the Democrats’ coordinated effort targeting Donald J. Trump. They’re trying to derail his frontrunner campaign for the presidency, despite the fact that Joe Biden, himself, had classified documents strewn across the Mid-Atlantic region!”


Rep. Barry Moore: “Tonight’s news is another alarming chapter in the complete weaponization of our government. Biden’s corrupt Justice Department has gone after parents, Catholic parishioners, pro-life Christians, and now his top political opponent.”


Rep. Mike Waltz: “How is it Hillary Clinton can delete 33,000 government emails on a private server yet President Trump gets indicted for having documents he could declassify?”




Rep. Alex Mooney: “Today’s indictment of President Donald Trump is the latest salvo in a long line of political assaults against the former president and leading Republican candidate for president in 2024. This is the first time the federal government has indicted a president and the first time a sitting president’s administration has indicted his opponent. President Trump has faced unprecedented attacks by partisan Democrats. He has faced two sham impeachment trials, fake prosecutions by an extreme liberal New York prosecutor, had his home raided, and now Joe Biden’s DOJ is coming after him. The complete weaponization of the Department of Justice continues. Joe Biden was found in possession of classified documents at his business office in Washington, D.C. and sitting in his garage in Delaware. Hillary Clinton carelessly stored classified information on a private email server in her home. Where are their indictments? This is total hypocrisy and a mockery of our justice system, which is allegedly blind. Joe Biden’s Administration is run by left-wing political activists and this indictment of Donald Trump is the most recent example. These disgusting abuses of power will fail, and Donald Trump will be elected again in 2024.”


Rep. Brandon Williams: “Why, on the same day Members of Congress reviewed hard evidence alleging our President took a $5M bribe from a foreign country while VP, would the DOJ indict a former President?”


Rep. Andy Ogles: “And the Biden DOJ has the audacity to interfere with 2024 election by asserting ridiculous allegations against President Trump in the Left’s latest witch hunt.”


Rep. Matt Rosendale: “More Trump indictments on the same day Biden bribery scheme is exposed...we shall see if Lady Justice is blind.”


Rep. Cory Mills: "On the very same day the FBI turns over the documents (FD-1023) exposing the Biden crime family to Congress, and the extradition of Joran van der Sloot, you see an immediate weaponization to indict and come after Pres Trump. In police work they call that a clue!"


Rep. Josh Brecheen: “The phony witch hunt against President Trump continues—this time by President Biden’s own Department of Justice. This is the first time in American history that the federal gov't has indicted a president and it is a serious abuse of power by this Admin. It is obvious that these charges were only brought by the Biden Administration because President Trump is doing well in the polls. To think that Attorney General Garland, placed in power and beholden to Joe Biden, doesn’t have a political reason for this action defies logic. Justice isn’t blind if millions in bribe money paid out to the Biden family continues to be swept under the rug by this Department of Justice and FBI while they focus on bogus charges against a former president and current candidate.”


Rep. Mike Johnson: “It is no coincidence that President Trump was indicted the same day damning evidence against President Biden’s corruption emerged. The weaponized DOJ is once again tipping the scales in their political favor. We must end this weaponization to restore faith in our institutions”


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: “The DOJ indicting President Trump the same day House Oversight Members (to include me) saw documentation from the FBI stating that BIDEN AND his SON each received a wire transfer of $5 million from a foreign actor is not by accident. What Biden has done IS impeachable.”


Rep. Darrell Issa: “This is for sure a dark day for our country. The Biden DOJ is weaponized against the American people.”


Mark Levin: “This is an insurrection.”


Pete Hegseth: “Republicans will rally around Donald Trump. I think every single Republican nominee should be down in Miami on Tuesday night standing for justice in the country...I don't think they have a chance now considering what Trump is up against.”


Amb. Ric Grenell: “Another indictment of Donald Trump only shows the American people that Joe Biden and his people are hell-bent on keeping power. They used Covid. And now indictments. We lose our country if they get away with this.”


Cliff Sims: “Biden had boxes full of classified docs from his time as a Senator. Unlike Trump, who had ultimate declassification authority as POTUS, there is no possible legal authority for Sen. Biden to possess those docs. He clearly violated the law. I look forward to seeing those charges.”


Charlie Kirk: “Every ‘Republican’ running for President should suspend their campaign and go to Miami as a show of support. If you don't, you are part of the problem. Either we have an opposition party or we don't. GO to Miami Tuesday, and show solidarity or we will mark you as part of the opposition.”


Stephen Miller: “I sure hope that’s exactly what happens, that the whole of the Republican Party, the whole of the conservative movement, and the whole of the country that cares about the rule of law, coalesces President Trump in this moment.”


Ben Carson: “This isn’t about Republican or Democrat. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of vengeance. We are a nation of freedom, not persecution. At least we were. This is not the America I grew up in and this is not the America our children should grow up in. Tonight I am praying for @realDonaldTrump, but I am also praying for the future of our nation. God help us.”


Lou Dobbs: “The Biden Regime and the sick Marxist Dems who lead the Democrat Party and Deep State have crossed every line of decency, integrity and fidelity to law and order, to the Constitution and the American Way. I hope every patriotic citizen of this Republic will demand their elected officials right these wrongs, and do so now! This is an unprecedented moment in American history and none of us should tolerate this ultimate attack on everything this nation stands for. The evil unleashed by the Marxist Dems and Deep State can't be allowed to persist or prevail. God Bless President Trump and all who love the United States of America”


Vivek Ramaswamy: "We can’t have two tiers of justice: one for Trump, another for Biden. One for Assange, another for Manning. One for BLM/Antifa, another for peaceful protesters on Jan 6. I never thought we’d see the day when the U.S. President deputizes the DOJ to arrest his lead rival in the middle of an election. Obama shamefully tried to deputize the FBI to infiltrate Trump’s 2016 campaign, but they’re leaving nothing to chance this time around: the federal police state is outright arresting Trump. This is an affront to every citizen: we cannot devolve into a banana republic where the party in power uses police force to arrest its political opponents. It’s hypocritical for the DOJ to selectively prosecute Trump but not Biden."


Pastor Robert Jeffress: “He is going to be the GOP nominee...they know he will be the next president of the United States. They know they can’t defeat him at the ballot box...I think Evangelical Christians are going to turn out in droves now to support this president."


Monica Crowley: “Any Republican who does not stand with Trump, condemn this bullshit, and vow to destroy the corrupt System needs to GTFO”


Charlie Hurt: “They are terrified of him and they realize that if he gets the Republican nomination, he will very likely beat Joe Biden or whoever it is the Democrats put up. They are terrified.”


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