- August 6, 2023 - 

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note

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The phrase "cross the Rubicon" is overused in politics to the point of becoming a cliche, but we did pass the point of no return this past week. 


Joe Biden and his administration already made the unprecedented decision to indict his leading political opponent earlier this year with the bogus documents case. The January 6 indictment goes a step further. It's both a direct assault on the First Amendment and also a case the Joe Biden and Democrats have been pressuring Merrick Garland to prosecute. 


The White House leaked to the New York Times that Joe Biden was telling his "inner circle" that he wants President Trump "prosecuted" over January 6, and that Garland needs to stop acting "like a ponderous judge" and take action. 


President Trump's attorney John Lauro said on Meet the Press that this demand from President Trump "put in motion a political prosecution in the middle of an election season." 


This indictment is flimsy. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said the indictment is "pretty thin soup" and that it doesn't have "this compelling level of evidence." 


The indictment relies on criminalizing protected First Amendment speech and activity. 


"What we have here is political speech, where President Trump is petitioning the government...All of the examples in this indictment are core political speech," John Lauro said on Fox News Sunday. "Every single thing that President Trump is being prosecuted for involved aspirational asks: asking state legislators, asking state governors, asking state electoral officials to do the right thing. In fact, even asking Vice President Pence was protected by free speech, none of that is illegal. We have the right in our system to petition our government."


Meanwhile, Jonathan Turley wrote in USA Today: "This complaint is based largely on statements that are protected under the First Amendment. It would eviscerate free speech and could allow the government to arrest those who are accused of spreading disinformation in elections."


A country where people can't speak up about issues in elections is "tyranny," as President Trump said in South Carolina on Saturday. So why would the Justice Department bring forward such a brazen indictment? Well for one, they are afraid of Donald Trump and the America First movement. 


Democrats see that President Donald Trump is running away with the Republican primary and that he is well positioned to beat Joe Biden.


The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Barack Obama recently visited Biden to express "concern about Donald Trump's political strengths." News of Obama's visit came as CNN reported that President Trump is "in a better position to win the general election than at any point during the 2020 cycle and almost at any point during the 2016 cycle."


Along with President Trump's political dominance, Democrats are facing a weekly deluge of stories exposing the Biden family's corruption. Just this past week, Hunter Biden's former business partner Devon Archer confirmed that Joe Biden's claims of not being involved in Biden family business deals are "categorically false." 


Archer told the House Oversight Committee that the Biden business operates through intimidation. Archer said Ukrainian energy company Burisma "was able to survive for as long as it did" because it had the Biden "brand." Archer said the Biden brand meant "people would be intimidated to mess" with Burisma. 


This news from Archer was conveniently drowned out by Jack Smith's indictment announcement. This is part of a pattern where soon after damaging information is exposed about the Bidens, Democrats act to weaponize law enforcement against President Trump. 


This scheme to bury damaging information about Joe Biden won't succeed. Starting tomorrow, Fox News, CNN, and Newsmax will be airing a 60 second ad entitled "Hey Joe," which begins to prosecute the case against crooked Joe Biden and the corrupt Biden crime family.


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 








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