- April 4, 2023 - 

Everyone Agrees That This Is A Farce

Today, America witnessed an unprecedent attack on our justice system. Liberal District Attorney Alvin Bragg successfully weaponized a local public office to arrest and indict the leading candidate for President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. So-called progressive prosecutors have brought chaos to local jurisdictions across our nation, but now Bragg has proven that Soros-backed prosecutors can attempt to destroy the nation as a whole.


This embarrassing, “bare-bones” indictment is a stain on our nation, which will only be washed away by returning President Donald J. Trump to the White House, where he belongs.




  • America is finally united. Everyone is in agreement that Alvin Bragg's indictment of Donald Trump is a farce.
    • CNN legal analyst Carrie Cordero said Tuesday afternoon that "in terms of a case that is being brought against a former president, it is a little underwhelming."
    • John Bolton later spoke on CNN and said that he is "extraordinarily distressed" by the indictment. Bolton added that it is "even weaker than I feared it would be and I think it's easily subject to being dismissed or a quick acquittal for Trump."
    • Speaker Kevin McCarthy said: "Alvin Bragg is attempting to interfere in our democratic process by invoking federal law to bring politicized charges against President Trump, admittedly using federal funds, while at the same time arguing that the peoples’ representatives in Congress lack jurisdiction to investigate this farce. Not so. Bragg’s weaponization of the federal justice process will be held accountable by Congress."
    • Sen. Marsha Blackburn said, "President Trump’s indictment is a gross abuse of power by a Democrat DA to get an outcome that the left has wanted for years."
  • One of Alvin Bragg’s key witnesses is Michael Cohen, a convicted perjurer.
    • Cohen’s previous attorney Bob Costello called Cohen a “serial liar."
  • Alvin Bragg claimed during his press conference that he "cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conduct." This is laughable. One of the first things Bragg did in office was direct "his staff not to prosecute armed robberies."
    • For more information on Bragg, you should read this article from The Daily Mail: "REVEALED: Terrifying rap sheets of the ten worst NYC criminals who were REPEATEDLY released by Manhattan DA Bragg as he focused on Trump indictment"



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