- April 10, 2024 - 

Biden's Inflation Crisis

The latest Consumer Price Index report shows that overall prices are up 19.4% since Joe Biden took office. CNBC reported that the CPI data is "hotter than expected."


The inflation report follows Biden's former Chief of Staff's closed-door comments that "you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive."


The latest CPI data shows that the price of eggs has increased 49.3% since Joe Biden took office.


Here is the rise in price for goods and services since January 2021:



Food at elementary and secondary schools 65.0%
Fuel oil 59.4%
Other motor fuels 54.1%
Margarine 52.5%
Motor vehicle insurance 50.1%
Other lodging away from home including hotels and motels 49.4%
Eggs 49.3%
Gasoline, unleaded regular 48.2%
Frozen noncarbonated juices and drinks 47.8%
Gasoline (all types) 47.8%
Motor fuel 47.7%
Energy commodities 47.6%
Gasoline, unleaded midgrade 46.8%
Gasoline, unleaded premium 46.0%
Leased cars and trucks 45.0%
Fuel oil and other fuels 44.3%
Lodging away from home 42.6%
Repair of household items 40.9%
Motor vehicle repair 40.5%
Other fats and oils including peanut butter 40.1%
Energy 38.8%
Crackers, bread, and cracker products 38.2%
Transportation services 38.0%
Fats and oils 35.3%
Video discs and other media 35.1%
Flour and prepared flour mixes 33.5%
Airline fares 32.7%
Butter and margarine 32.0%
Other bakery products 30.7%
Salad dressing 30.6%
Admission to sporting events 30.6%
Frozen and refrigerated bakery products, pies, tarts, turnovers 30.5%
Baby food 30.5%
Delivery services 30.4%
Food from vending machines and mobile vendors 30.3%
Motor vehicle maintenance and repair 30.2%
Uncooked beef roasts 29.8%
Tax return preparation and other accounting fees 29.7%
Electricity 29.3%
Sugar and sugar substitutes 29.1%
Veterinarian services 29.0%
Energy services 28.9%
Apparel services other than laundry and dry cleaning 28.8%
Olives, pickles, relishes 28.6%
Other condiments 28.5%
Frozen vegetables 28.2%
Care of invalids and elderly at home 27.8%
Canned vegetables 27.3%
Window coverings 27.2%
Motor oil, coolant, and fluids 27.2%
Sauces and gravies 26.9%
Utility (piped) gas service 26.9%
Food at employee sites and schools 26.8%
Canned fruits and vegetables 26.8%
Stationery, stationery supplies, gift wrap 26.7%
Pet services including veterinary 26.7%
Cookies 26.7%
Bakery products 26.7%
Soups 26.4%
Fresh biscuits, rolls, muffins 26.2%
Fresh whole chicken 26.0%
Other uncooked poultry including turkey 26.0%
Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies 25.5%
Cereals and bakery products 25.4%
Carbonated drinks 25.1%
Other food at home 25.0%
Cigarettes 25.0%
Financial services 25.0%
Juices and nonalcoholic drinks 24.8%
Admissions 24.8%
Uncooked beef steaks 24.8%
White bread 24.7%
Frozen and freeze dried prepared foods 24.6%
Canned fruits 24.5%
Other sweets 24.5%
Checking account and other bank services 24.5%
Processed fruits and vegetables 24.4%
Poultry 24.4%
Beef and veal 24.3%
Nonfrozen noncarbonated juices and drinks 24.1%
Chicken 23.9%
Spices, seasonings, condiments, sauces 23.8%
Other foods 23.8%
Fresh cakes and cupcakes 23.8%
Sugar and sweets 23.8%
Pet food 23.7%
Bread 23.7%
Car and truck rental 23.7%
Tobacco and smoking products 23.6%
Fresh and frozen chicken parts 23.6%
Other dairy and related products 23.6%
Butter 23.5%
Frozen fruits and vegetables 23.4%
Lunchmeats 23.4%
Motor vehicle maintenance and servicing 23.4%
Women's dresses 23.3%
Domestic services 23.3%
Nonalcoholic beverages and beverage materials 23.2%
Other miscellaneous foods 23.1%
Snacks 22.7%
Propane, kerosene, and firewood 22.7%
Bread other than white 22.6%
Candy and chewing gum 22.6%
Uncooked other beef and veal 22.6%
Cereals and cereal products 22.5%
Limited service meals and snacks 22.5%
Laundry and dry cleaning services 22.3%
Public transportation 22.2%
Household operations 21.9%
Vehicle accessories other than tires 21.9%
Other meats 21.8%
Uncooked ground beef 21.6%
Miscellaneous personal services 21.4%
Frankfurters 21.4%
Food away from home 21.4%
Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs 21.3%
Roasted coffee 21.3%
Floor coverings 21.2%
Tools, hardware and supplies 21.2%
Food at home 21.1%
Food 21.1%
Full service meals and snacks 21.0%
Rent of shelter 20.9%
Used cars and trucks 20.9%
Legal services 20.8%
Meats 20.8%
Shelter 20.7%
Photographic equipment and supplies 20.5%
Breakfast cereal 20.5%
Motor vehicle parts and equipment 20.5%
Men's shirts and sweaters 20.4%
Rent of primary residence 20.4%
Household paper products 20.4%
Outdoor equipment and supplies 20.4%
Tools, hardware, outdoor equipment and supplies 20.3%
Owners' equivalent rent of primary residence 20.1%
Owners' equivalent rent of residences 20.1%
Rice, pasta, cornmeal 20.1%
Other processed fruits and vegetables including dried 20.0%
Transportation commodities less motor fuel 19.9%
Tires 19.7%
Meats, poultry, and fish 19.7%
Pets and pet products 19.6%
Coffee 19.6%
New trucks 19.5%
Other food away from home 19.4%
Dried beans, peas, and lentils 19.4%
All items 19.4%

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