- March 15, 2023 - 

MAGA Inc. Head Requests Ethics Investigation Into Ron DeSantis

View the letter to the Florida Comission on Ethics here. 


The head of Make America Great Again Inc. is requesting that the Florida Commission on Ethics investigate Ron DeSantis for several violations of the law.


Florida law has unique and unambiguous restrictions related to state officials accepting gifts, personally benefiting from outside income, and being influenced into making specific decisions. After careful review, it is clear that Ron DeSantis has leveraged a shadow Presidential campaign to amass significant personal wealth and political capital in direct violation of state ethics laws, the spirit and the letter of the state’s resign-to-run law, and his commitment to America’s taxpayers.


The violations by Gov. Ron DeSantis include improperly soliciting and accepting gifts "with the understanding that he will run for president and resign as Governor of Florida."



Should the Commission find that a violation occurred, it should impose penalties that include removing Governor DeSantis from office and disqualifying him from any future ballot in the State of Florida.



The letter states: "Governor DeSantis knows, or should know, that his shadow presidential campaign is illegal under federal election law, Florida ethics laws prohibiting illegal gifts from political committees, and Florida ethics laws prohibiting illegal lobbying payments."



Governor DeSantis claims there is more work to be done to help the people of Florida. However, DeSantis will be far away from Tallahassee during the current legislative session and instead be on a national book tour to enrich himself and promote his presidential candidacy.



The Make America Great Again movement was birthed to stop career politicians who use public service to amass personal wealth and power. An investigation by the Florida Ethics Commission must occur as soon as possible. This letter provides ample evidence that Governor DeSantis is engaging in conduct that violates Florida Ethics laws. 

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