- August 15, 2023 - 

Fani Willis Is Lambasted For Ridiculous Indictment


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: "Justice should be blind, but Biden has weaponized government against his leading political opponent to interfere in the 2024 election. Now a radical DA in Georgia is following Biden’s lead by attacking President Trump and using it to fundraise her political career. Americans see through this desperate sham."


House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik: "This is another rogue Far Left radical District Attorney weaponizing their office to target Joe Biden's top political opponent President Trump.


President Trump had every legal right to challenge the results of the election. This radical DA displayed political bias toward President Trump so much that a judge disqualified her from part of this case.


This blatant election interference by the Far Left will not work, President Trump will defeat these bogus charges and win back the White House in 2024.”


Sen. Ted Cruz: "The timing here is nakedly political. Every time bad news comes out about Hunter or Joe Biden, you can set a stopwatch & within hours, some clown goes & indicts Donald Trump again."


Rep. Jim Jordan: "Today’s indictment is just the latest political attack in the Democrats’ WITCH HUNT against President Trump. He did nothing wrong!"


George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: "You look at this indictment and every call, every tweet, every speech seems to be a separate criminal act that composes this conspiracy. That raises really troubling questions as to the criminalization of the challenges to elections....it’s a very troubling indictment."


Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey: "President Trump’s felony 'charges' were posted before the grand jury officially returned the indictments. This has never been about fairness; it’s always been about pursuing those they deem a threat."


Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett: "Exercising your legal rights to challenge the integrity of voting systems, as Democrats have done in three prior elections, is not criminal."


Rep. Jim Banks: "They indicted Trump for tweeting…"


Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis: "This latest indictment of President Trump from Fani Willis in Georgia is long, loud, and lawless. It's only a crime to object to presidential elections in third-world Marxist hellholes like Zimbabwe, and now New York, D.C., and Atlanta. This is Democrat lawfare run amok."


Turning Point USA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk: "This Georgia indictment is literally an attempt to criminalize lobbying a legislature, a constitutional right."


Congressman Troy Nehls: "Another sham indictment."


Stephen Miller: "Just so you understand the new system: the most corrupt democrat jurisdictions will criminally charge you if you challenge their corruption."


CEO and co-founder of The Federalist Sean Davis: "The state of Georgia criminally indicted the former president of the United States for tweeting that people should turn on the television. They criminally indicted the White House chief of staff for asking for a phone number. And they criminally indicted the former GOP state chairman for reserving a room. Understand what time it is and what they’re willing to do to you to keep their grip on power."


Rep. Nancy Mace: "Not sure how any of this can be taken serious when the indictment was leaked hours before the grand jury deliberated while at the same time the DA is fundraising off the indictment. This is another sad prosecutor trying to make a career out of indicting Trump. That’s all this is about."


Rep. Mary Miller: "The left's goal is to criminalize the exercise of your First Amendment right to free speech, especially political speech. Rights are useless if you can't exercise them. They are using fear of prosecution to chill any opposition to their agenda."


Attorney Robert Barnes: "The #GeorgiaIndictment is the most insane yet by the looniest prosecutor yet. Claims tweets are conspiracies, legal advice is a crime, Constitutional law is a criminal act, and demanding officials do their job criminal solicitation. It is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia."


Rep. Tom Tiffany: "If telling people to turn on their TV is an illegal 'conspiracy,' what is it called when a group of 'intelligence officials' coordinate with a political campaign to falsely claim that Hunter Biden's laptop is 'Russian disinformation'?"


Rep. Guy Reschenthaler: "From NY’s Bragg to GA’s Willis, Democrat DAs are more concerned with amplifying their name than the facts. Both made targeting President Trump the key to their campaigns, and both are weaponizing our justice system to advance their ambitions. It’s another sad day for America."


Rep. Lauren Boebert: "In a sane country, Fanni Willis wouldn’t have a job after the indictment she just released. But, we are not living in a fair country. We’re living in a banana republic."


Former Gov. Mike Huckabee: "This is not a prosecutor that I have a lot of respect for because it's very apparent that her primary goal is to go after Donald Trump and do everything she can to undo his free speech."


Kari Lake: "The stakes are clear. We either elect @realDonaldTrump to be the 47th President of the United States, or the corrupt deep state sends him to jail for the 'crime' of returning the government back to We the People. Enough of this Banana Republic. We want our free country back"


Rep. Lance Gooden: "Grand juries don’t matter when you have the judge and prosecutor in your pocket. The left, by attacking President Trump, is sending yet another message to anyone who fought for free and fair elections: you’re next."


Rep. Russell Fry: "Rogue DA’s who run for election to prosecute political opponents should not be able to keep these cases in jurisdictions where they can stack a jury. What happened in GA is a disgrace and exactly why I introduced a bill to stop political prosecutions."


Rep. Jeff Van Drew: "What's sad about all of this is the fact that the Biden administration, their minions of people that work with them, and the people involved with the supposed justice system have been weaponized, politicized, and are corrupt...they are bad people."


Rep. Ronny Jackson: "WITCH HUNT! The Fulton County DA had their SHAM indictment ready before the grand jury even voted. There’s NOTHING legal about this. They just want to DESTROY TRUMP. These people will PAY! Trump will be BACK in the White House!!"





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